Snapchat Photo Costs Officer His Job

Authorities confirmed that a Daytona Beach Shores police officer was fired from his job after they received a complaint about a Snapchat photo.

According to incident reports, Officer Matthew Moriarty created the image and shared it with an estimated 15 people.

Officials said someone considered the image racially insensitive and complained about it, leading to the investigation and firing.

The image showed Moriarty with an afro hairstyle and beard sketched onto his image. 

There were also cartoon images of a syringe, a pistol and a squad car with flashing lights.

The caption for the image was "This is how I celebrate Black History Month.

Investigators say they had been alerted to the image in February, and Moriarty had been suspended since then.

They confirmed he had been fired on Monday.

The Public Safety Department director for the Daytona Beach  Shores Police Department said that nobody who held "these types of racist biases can be an unbiased and effective law enforcement officer," adding that this kind of behavior would never be tolerated by the agency.

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