Woman Charged with Attack on Ex-Boyfriend

Authorities say an Altamonte Springs woman is in trouble after allegedly setting her ex-boyfriend on fire during an Easter dinner.

According to incident accounts, Shivon Perez asked the ex-boyfriend to fix a leaking pipe under a sink. 

While he was doing that, she allegedly sprayed him with gasoline and set fire to him. 

Investigators say the man tried to get his burning clothes off and noticed that Perez was locking the apartment door, apparently in an attempt to keep him from escaping. 

Police reports indicate the ex-boyfriend said Perez was also spraying fluid, apparently flammable, on the floor of the burning living room.

Investigators say the ex-boyfriend was able to get away, but suffered burns to his neck, face, and chest.

Accounts of the episode indicate that Perez suffered from smoke inhalation and was treated at an area hospital.

Police say Perez faces multiple charges, including attempted second degree murder and false imprisonment.

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