Salman found not guilty

A federal jury this morning found Noor Salman not guilty of all the charges filed against her in connection with the terror attack at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando nearly two years ago carried out by her husband.

Salman burst into tears and there were gasps and sighs in the courtoom while relatives and friends of Pulse victims were stone-faced as they heard the verdict. 

The jury began deliberating Wednesday afternoon and notified the court that they had reached a decision this morning. Salman could have faced life in prison if found guilty of helping her husband plan the attack and lying to prosecutors. Instead, family members say they will quickly take her back home to California.

In a brief statement outside the courthouse, prosecutors said they were disappointed with the verdict but that they respect the jury's decision.

Salman family spokeswoman Susan Clary said while they're obviously happy with the verdict, the first thing  they want everyone to know is they're 'very sorry for the family members and friends of the 49 victims.'


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