Legal Briefs March 7, 2018

Questions on the legal brief on 102.5 WFLA on March 7th, 2018

Had a solid time with Deborah on our first show together. Here are the issues we covered. While they didn’t deal with personal injury, I guess after practicing for twenty years and be licensed in 18 states, I had the answers.

  • Adult film star Stormy Daniels is suing President Trump over the alleged agreement she signed a few years ago about keeping quiet on an alleged affair with him. Last month, Trump’s personal attorney had come out and said that he had paid Stormy Daniels, there was no confidentiality agreement, no gag order. Now she is saying that because he came out and spoke, she can go ahead and sue the President.  As a lawyer, does she have a leg to stand on? I don’t think so. She was paid to keep quiet about the issue. His duty was to pay and hers was to keep quiet. He paid and she thinks he had a duty on top of giving her the 130 thousand. She also might have a problem in suing a sitting president.
  • A woman was always involved in her grand-daughters lives. Her son started showing signs of a mental breakdown and has prevented her from spending time with the girls. Is there any such thing as grandparent rights? What legal standing do they have? The judge will way the rights of the parents to chose who is in their child’s life and the damage to the child. There is current legislation trying to give grandparents more rights.

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