Orlando Law Firm Files Suit in Bridge Collapse

The Orlando law firm of Morgan and Morgan filed the first lawsuit in connection with the collapse of a pedestrian bridge at Florida International University.

The suit, filed in Miami, was on behalf of an accident victim who was riding a bicycle to work when the structure collapsed on him, according to attorney Matt Morgan. 

The victim, who reportedly suffered spinal injuries, was at the southern edge of the bridge, according to Morgan. 

That location spared him from being killed in the collapse.

Morgan said the suit was being filed swiftly in order to secure the maximum amount of data and documentation.

Morgan noted in a press conference that, by securing that data now, officials could count on the information being preserved for future study ... and for future reference if other suits might be filed.

One of the questions the suit seeks to address is why vehicular traffic had not been diverted around the bridge, after reports that a crack had appeared in the span.

A federal investigation continues into the collapse of the bridge.

Morgan said the Orlando law firm would be paying attention to the federal findings, even as they continue with an investigation of their own.


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