At Least Six Dead After Collapse of FIU Pedestrian Bridge

Investigators with the National Transportation Safety Board have joined local, state and county authorities in South Florida for the investigation into what caused a pedestrian bridge to give way Thursday afternoon.

According to witnesses, there appeared to be no warning that the newly-constructed bridge was in any trouble. 

The bridge had been meant to create an overhead pedestrian walkway above a busy thoroughfare in the area of Florida International University.

It appeared to collapse suddenly, trapping the vehicles on the road below it.

Local authorities said that at least ten people were hospitalized.

There were also confirmed reports of deaths as a result of the collapse.

Florida Governor Rick Scott had canceled a planned visit to central Florida in order to get to the scene of the bridge collapse and speak with the local investigators.

He promised that there would be a thorough investigation of the incident, and that the state would help the families of those affected.

The bridge, itself, had been touted as a marvel of safety and efficiency.

It was built using a new technique called Accelerated Bridge Construction; the structure was essentially built 'off-site,' with final assembly taking place by the roadside.

The structure was then swung into place and secured. 

The company that designed and built the bridge has pledged to cooperate fully into the investigation into its failure.


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