Volusia County Heroin Ring Dismantled

A heroin trafficking organization responsible for distributing significant amounts of the drug in Volusia County was dismantled on Tuesday, according to a release from the Volusia County Sheriff's Office.

Officials say members of law enforcement fanned out to arrest the ringleader, his supplier and close to 20 other members identified over the course of a nearly year-long investigation.

Authorities say additional arrests are expected as others on the list are located. 

As of Tuesday afternoon, investigators said the multiple arrests during "Operation Heavyweight" put the majority of the organization's membership behind bars.

Henry Guilfu "Gordo" Bermudez, whom authorities say was the ringleader, was arrested at his home in Deltona.

Officials said it was an address he shared with three other suspects. 

A man investigators said was Bermudez's supplier, Salvador Cancel Castillo, was arrested at his home in Orlando.

Detectives say they built their case through interviews with confidential sources, controlled drug purchases, trash analysis and surveillance on the homes of Bermudez and Castillo. 

Detectives say they also obtained wire intercepts that helped establish the identities of all 23 suspected members.

Authorities say search warrants they have obtained have, so far, resulted in the seizure of $150,000 in heroin, some mixed with fentanyl, in addition to an undetermined amount of cash. 

Investigators say the heroin was enough for an estimated 15,000 doses.


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