Bike Week Is Rolling

One of Florida's rites of spring is underway.

Bike Week got rolling on Friday, March 9, in Volusia County. 

The event is longer than the name implies, lasting till March 18 this year.

It's also an event that has grown from its beginnings in Daytona Beach to be substantially larger geographically.

Fans of Bike Week can find events in most of the large and medium-sized coastal cities of Volusia County. 

There are also venues of interest for people who are both bikers and campers.

The event draws motorcycle enthusiasts from all walks of life, and is something merchants welcome cheerfully.

Bike Week attendees over the years have gained a reputation as some of the most courteous visitors to the area, and some of the most expansive when it comes to spending.

Many area merchants say they make enough from the Bike Week and Biketoberfest events to tide them over in lean years ... and turn a healthy profit in good years.

On the downside, Bike Week is also a time that is notable for a hike in traffic accidents in Volusia County.

Often, bikers can be struck by the incautious driver.

Law enforcement tends to beef up its presence for Bike Week and also works to get out a safety message for drivers.

Officials say they hope both the public awareness campaigns and the visible patrol cars remind people to be more alert and watchful of the motorcyclists.


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