Governor's Candidate Trashes School Safety Plan

One of the Democrats running for governor is throwing shade on the school safety plan being debated in the state legislature. 

Chris King of Orlando says it's not what the students or parents of Parkland wanted.

"There are good things in this bill," he said, "But it does not address, in Florida, universal background checks and it does not address a ban on what I call weapons of war, or assault weapons."

King also objects to the provision that allows the arming of school personnel. 

He says the last thing schools need are more guns, and he says he believes it's not a serious idea, but rather "a manipulation by the NRA."

King says lawmakers have failed the parents and students of Parkland, and he says the only way to change that is to elect a governor who will take the lead on guns.

King is an entrepreneur, and had been considered a long shot for the race for governor.

His willingness to be outspoken, however, and to tackle many interests that had been deemed immovable has raised his profile considerably and has created substantial name recognition for him.


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