Florida House OKs School Safety Bill

The Florida House voted 67-50 to approve a school safety bill to respond to the Parkland massacre. 

Many of the students who survive the shooting say it doesn't do enough but Representative Jose Oliva of Hialeah says the parents of Parkland support it.

"We have sat with students, and it's true not all students will agree, but the parents are all here telling us 'we believe that this would have made our children safer,' " he said. "They have endorsed it."

The bill raises the minimum age to buy a rifle and imposes a waiting period. 

There's more money for mental health treatment, hardening schools and hiring school resource officers. 

And it includes a controversial "marshal" program that allows some school personnel to carry concealed weapons.

Most members of the black caucus opposed the bill because they say they don't want guns in school and don't think it will do anything to reduce gun violence in minority neighborhoods. 

It was also opposed by many of the conservatives who are staunch supporters of the NRA.  

One concern among conservatives was that raising the minimum age to buy a rifle is not constitutional.

It's possible that there could be a court challenge ... and more work ahead for lawmakers ... if that concern is borne out.


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