Florida Senate Passes Stoneman Douglas Bill

After two days of amendments and debates, the Florida Senate approves a new school safety package. 

Senator Bill Galvano of Bradenton says they've done their best to respond to the massacre at Stoneman Douglas High.

"We listened and we're trying, we're trying hard," he said. "We don't have all the answers, but we're giving it our best and we will keep giving it our best."

But Senator Gary Farmer of Fort Lauderdale says they've blown the one chance they had to pass real gun reforms.

"And the talk about this being the first step? I believe this will be the first and last step," he said. "Because, 14 months from now, when we're back here, the memory will have faded. And the NRA will be omnipotent again."

The final vote in the Senate was 20-18. 

If one of those yes votes had switched, the bill would have failed.


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