Orlando Tops as Spring Break Destination

Spring Break season arrives with March for many Americans, and warm weather destinations top the list for travelers looking to escape the cold.

Those are the findings of a new AAA Consumer Pulse survey.

AAA says three Florida cities are among AAA’s 10 Most Popular Destinations for the month of March, based on air and tour bookings made with the travel agency. 

Orlando is at the top of the list, according to AAA, with Ft. Lauderdale taking second place.

Miami is the third Florida city making the top ten, coming in at number 8 on the list. 

Officials with AAA say that Orlando's prominent position on the list is no surprise. 

The city is known for its themed resorts and its closeness to popular beaches.

In fact, survey-takers with AAA say Florida, overall, is a perfect spring break destination for people traveling with family or friends.

AAA officials say travelers are drawn to Florida for its warm weather, world-famous attractions, beautiful beaches, and its array of AAA Diamond Rated hotels and restaurants that fit any budget.

The consumer pulse survey found that 55 percent of Florida travelers say they will take a spring break vacation of 3 days or more this year.

AAA says 80 percent of Florida millennials will take a spring break vacation of 3 days or more; and 61 percent of them will travel with family.

Executives involved in the survey say it just goes to show that spring break is no longer just for college kids who want to party on the beach.

Officials say the event is often the first chance of the year when the entire family can take a break and go somewhere together, and more families are making the most of that.


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