Moira's Mixed Company: The Making of a Millennial


The Millennial generation is the biggest in history, born between 1982 and 2000. Are they entitled brats or are they going to change the world?

Mixed Company talked to Doreen Ratigan, guidance counselor (35 yrs), now at Dr. Phillips High School. She has seen the high school population change during her career...and she told stories of their expectations for college and the “real world”.

Also on the panel was Adam Reiss, himself a millennial, who works for a national staffing company, Insight Global, and interviews college seniors across the southeast United States. He interviews those soon-to-be college graduates and is tasked with finding out which candidates are willing to work hard...or hardly work.

Mark Brewer, the Chief Executive Officer of the Central Florida Foundation, a philanthropic organization, talked about the optimistic financial wishes of the Millennial generation...and how they are willing to work for social causes, for lower pay, IF they can make a difference. AND we also welcomed Dr. Lynn Hansen, from the UCF Career Services Dept, who interacts with millennials at the university and was extremely optimistic about this generation’s aspirations and plans for their career paths and impact on the community.

Great questions from the audience, food, giveaways (book and T-shirts) and a funny You Tube video on a dopey millennial’s job interview all combined to make the February Mixed Company a great afternoon and great radio show.


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