Pharmacists Vs the Flu

Bills have been filed in the Florida Legislature that would allow you to skip the doctor and go straight to the pharmacy to get treated for the flu. 

Officials with the Florida Medical Association don't like the idea, but Representative Cary Pigman of Avon Park says his fellow doctors are being overwhelmed and they need help.

"What this bill tries to achieve is to take the walking wounded, the people who are otherwise healthy, who are ill and would like to get seen straight-away, and we allow them to go to a pharmacy, be tested, and if positive, be treated," he said.

Instead of waiting days for a doctor's appointment or spending 4-6 hours in the emergency room, pharmacists say they can do the test, prescribe the medications, and have you out the door in an hour.

But the measure has its opponents, and is currently stuck in legislative committees.


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