Millionaire's Retrial Ends with Guilty Verdict

An Orange County jury returned a guilty verdict against millionaire Bob Ward in the death of his wife.

Ward was found guilty of manslaughter, according to court records.

Ward had been charged with second-degree murder, but jurors had the option of finding him guilty of the lesser offense

.It was Ward's second trial for the death of his wife in 2009.

He had first been convicted in 2011, but records show the conviction was overturned after a trial judge ruled that Ward's defense didn't adequately assist him.

Prosecutors, according to the trial records, had claimed that Ward shot his wife in the course of an argument at their home.

Those records also show the defense had contended that Ward killed his wife after she had apparently threatened him with a gun and he had tried to wrestle it away from her.

Sentencing for Ward reportedly will take place later this month.


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