Deputies: Bathroom Brass Bandit Busted

Authorities say a man who stole several pieces of toilet plumbing from public restrooms in DeBary is in custody after Volusia County sheriff’s detectives identified him as the person selling brass toilet fixtures to a Sanford metal recycler.

According to a report from the Volusia County Sheriff's Office, Douglas Garner, of Deltona, was arrested Thursday evening and charged with two counts of dealing in stolen property as well as two counts of narcotics possession, possession of drug paraphernalia and driving with a suspended license. 

Deputies say Garner told the investigating detective that he’s a former plumber.

Three times in January, deputies say they responded to public parks in DeBary after receiving reports of stolen bathroom plumbing. 

In all,  authorities say 16 brass plumbing fixtures were stolen from toilets and urinals in men’s and women’s restrooms. Total loss and damage was estimated at about $3,600.

Detectives say it didn't take long for them to contact a metal recycler in Sanford that had recently received toilet plumbing. 

In fact, investigators say records show Garner had seven transactions in January involving brass toilet fixtures.

The Sheriff's Office reports that a detective recovered some of the plumbing Garner sold and presented it to the Volusia County employee who was assigned to repair the bathrooms. 

Records show the employee confirmed that they matched the stolen pieces.

Investigators say fingerprints from the transactions at the metal recycler came back to Garner, as did fingerprints left on the pipes left protruding in the bathrooms at one of the crime scenes.

Authorities say Garner was charged in one of the three cases where he is a suspect, and additional charges are pending in at least one other case.

Garner was in custody at the Volusia County Branch Jail Friday.


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