Wildlife Officials OK Guidelines for Imperiled Species

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says it has approved Species Conservation Measures and Permitting Guidelines for eight state-threatened species that are among the 57 species in the agency’s Imperiled Species Management Plan.

Each of the eight species ... Barbour’s map turtle, Big Cypress fox squirrel, Black Creek crayfish, blackmouth shiner, Florida burrowing owl, Florida pine snake, saltmarsh topminnow and Santa Fe crayfish ... now has its own Species Conservation Measures and Permitting Guidelines.

According to a release from the FWC, the species guidelines are designed to be a tool for landowners, consultants, agency partners and other interested parties on how to conserve these eight imperiled species.

The guidelines reportedly offer options for avoidance, minimization and mitigation of take of the species. 

Officials note that the guidelines also provide species-specific information on key issues relevant to real-world conservation.

During 2017, the FWC says it reached out to stakeholders on multiple occasions, through meetings, workshops and webinars, to discuss and get input on the development of the species guidelines.

Officials said their goal here is "to keep all of these species around for current and future generations."


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