Judge Rejects Florida Rights Restoration System

A scathing decision from a federal judge who says Florida's system for restoring the civil rights of former felons is unconstitutional because it gives the governor sole authority. 

Rick Scott's office says it will appeal that decision, so it won't take affect any time soon. 

But former state Senator Arthenia Joyner says voters can change the system by approving Amendment 4 in November.

That amendment would help restore the civil rights of those who have paid their debt to society.

"If successful, no future governor will ever again platy with the lives of those who seek redemption, just because they can," she said.

More than one and one half million Floridians who have served their sentences still can't vote.

Florida is one of four states where the right to vote is not automatically restored when an ex-felon's debt is marked paid in full.


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