Sanford Man Sentenced for Child Exploitation Offenses

A Central Florida federal judge has sentenced Sanford resident Andrew Goldberg to 30 years and five months in federal prison for attempting to entice minors to engage in sexual activity and distributing child pornography, case records show. 

According to court documents, Goldberg, 35, was the administrator of two online social networking groups that he created to distribute child pornography. 

Officials say an FBI agent acting in an undercover capacity infiltrated the groups and met Goldberg online. 

During their communications, Goldberg reportedly arranged to have sex with the undercover agent's fictitious daughters, ages 9 and 11. 

Case records say Goldberg had expressed a desire to have sex with the girls to celebrate his birthday.

Investigators say Goldberg planned to meet the undercover agent and the fictional children at a restaurant. 

When he arrived at the restaurant, the FBI says agents arrested him. 

Subsequent to the arrest, the agents say they located 84 videos of child pornography in Goldberg’s e-mail account and 405 images of child pornography on his smart phone. 

Court records show Goldberg pleaded guilty to the charges against him on October 30 of last year.

Case records note that, in addition to his 30 year sentence, Goldberg has been ordered to serve a life term of supervision following his release from prison.


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