The Great Florida Statue Swap

The Florida Senate voted Wednesday to replace a statue of a confederate general with one that honors civil rights pioneer Mary McLeod Bethune... the founder of Bethune Cookman University. 

State Senator Perry Thurston of Fort Lauderdale says her life and values illustrate the best of Florida.

"Choosing her likeness for the hall will send a powerful signal to the world that Floridians recognize our state's rich history and it's present-day diversity," he said.

Thurston's bill passed the Florida Senate unanimously.

Even state Senator Dennis Baxley, whose ancestors fought for the confederacy, voted to replace Smith.

The measure now has to pass the Florida House and get signed by the governor.

If Thurston's bill becomes law, Bethune would replace Confederate General Kirby Smith at Statuary Hall in Washington DC... where each state has two statues. 

Florida's other statue honors John Gorrie ... one of the pioneers of air conditioning.


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