Lawmakers Question Brightline Safety

State lawmakers from the Treasure Coast and the Space Coast are calling for safety upgrades along the path of a new high speed train called "Brightline." 

It's only been running for a couple of weeks and two people have already been killed at crossings. 

It may have been human error, but State Representative Gayle Harrell of Stuart says the legislature has to do something.

"People do silly things, you can't outlaw stupidity," she said. "But, you have to make sure that you do everything you can to prevent those things from happening."

Harrell and her allies say all of the intersections crossed by Brightline tracks need to be upgraded.

Those upgrades would cost about $350 million dollars. 

Those calling for the upgrades stipulate that the private company that owns and operates the train should be responsible for the cost... not taxpayers.


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