Disney Offering Cash Bonus to Employees

More than 125,000 employees of the Walt Disney Company are getting a one time cash bonus of $1,000.

That announcement came from Disney chief Bob Iger Tuesday.

The cash bonus, according to Disney, will come in the form of two payments ... one in March and one in September.

Disney says people who have worked at Disney since Jan. 1 and are either full time or part time are eligible.

The company noted that the bonus is for employees who are hourly or salaried, but not for any in an executive position.

The company said it was also investing an initial $50 million into a program intended to help hourly employees pay for college tuition.

Disney execs said that the initial investment would be $50 million, and that as much as an additional $25 million could be added in annual funding in the time to come.

Officials said roughly 88,000 employees should be eligible for the tuition assistance plan.


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