December Unemployment Figures Released for Florida

Florida's unemployment rate was up slightly in December and that's only happened once before during the Rick Scott administration. 

But Cissy Proctor at the Department of Economic Opportunity isn't dwelling on that increase.Proctor says you have to look at the big picture.

"So we know that this month the rate is low, the unemployment rate is low at 3.7 percent," she said. "We know that private sector businesses are continuing to create jobs."

Miami, Orlando and West Palm Beach led the way for job creation last month. 

But some of the smaller metros actually lost jobs... including Fort Walton Beach, Melbourne, Gainesville, Panama City, Pensacola and Homosassa Springs. 

This new report from the Labor Department also shows an increase in the number of Floridians on the unemployment rolls. 

That hasn't happened in more than a year.


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