Wildlife Officials Track Manatees, Turtles During Cold

As Florida’s residents and visitors manage the current cold-weather conditions, some of the state's fish and wildlife species may need some extra care as well. 

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission reports that it is keeping an eye on the critters that may suffer more through the cold.

Authorities say that, should some animals need rescue, the help will be close to hand.

Biologists say sea turtles are one species that can be affected by cold weather. 

When the water temperatures drop, stunned sea turtles may float listlessly in the water on or near shore. 

Although these turtles may appear to be dead, they are often still alive. It is important to report these turtles to the FWC Wildlife Alert Hotline as soon as possible.

The Florida manatee is another species that can be impacted by extreme cold weather. 

When water temperatures drop, manatees gather in warm-water habitats such as discharge canals at power plants and natural springs. 

The FWC asks that boaters be extra vigilant in watching for manatees in shallow waters near the coast, both inland and coastal, and obey all posted manatee speed zone signs.


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