Volusia Sheriff's Office To Curb Aggressive Drivers

The Volusia County Sheriff's Office reports that it is launching a series of traffic enforcement campaigns targeting excessive speed and aggressive driving in that county as part of a $50,000 state grant aimed at significantly reducing crashes and fatalities.

According to a release from the Sheriff's Office, deputies will be out working high-visibility, zero-tolerance enforcement operations at locations throughout Volusia County, particularly in areas with a high frequency of traffic crashes, fatalities and aggressive driving complaints. 

The Sheriff's Office says the specific times and locations of these efforts will vary and will not be announced in advance.

The project, funded by a grant from the Florida Department of Transportation, for the long term.

The Sheriff's Office says it is targeted to last through Sept. 30, 2018, and will involve marked and unmarked Sheriff’s Office units as well as the Sheriff's Office helicopter as available.

Among 25 Florida counties with a population of 200,000 or above, safety officials say Volusia County ranks sixth in crashes involving speed or aggressive driving.


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