Hurricane Season Ends

The Atlantic and Caribbean hurricane season is over today, and this was a deadly one. 

Florida was hit by Hurricane Irma, Tropical Storm Emily and Tropical Storm Philippe, but Governor Rick Scott says they did their best to respond.

"Everybody did a good job," he said. "Highway safety kept the fuel going, school districts did an unbelievable job helping us get our shelters open; we got ... our utilities worked well together. I mean, everybody would have liked the power back on in a day, but we got our power back on quickly."

Irma killed at least 72 people in Florida. 

Hundreds more died in the US and the Caribbean because of both Irma and Maria. 

The National Hurricane Center is still working to come up with a final death toll for the 2017 season.

There were 17 named storms... the most in 5 years... and more than double the normal number of major hurricanes.

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