John Morgan Nixes Governor's Run, for Now

Prominent Orlando-area attorney John Morgan, long considered a contender for the 2018 governor's race in Florida, appeared to pour cold water on the speculation Friday.

In two Twitter posts, Morgan said he couldn't muster the enthusiasm to run for office, and he noted that he was leaving the Democratic party to become an Independent.

Morgan's Tweet regarding his party change was one in which he declared he couldn't muster any enthusiasm for the candidates being presented by either the Democratic or the Republican parties.

He said that if he were ever to run for public office, it would be as an Independent.

Morgan also appeared to leave the door open to such a run next year, according to an email exchange with The Orlando Sentinel.

As part of the course of that exchange, the Sentinel quoted Morgan as saying, "If I ever ran, it would be next year."

Even running as an Independent, Morgan could find himself jostling for position in a crowded field.

Both the Democratic party and the Republican party are fielding deep benches of candidates, and most of them are well-known and have a certain amount of cross-party appeal.

Morgan rose to notice in state politics when he spearheaded two drives to get medical marijuana legalized via state constitutional amendment.

His second attempt, in 2016, was successful.

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