Security Guard Found Guilty of Murder

A jury in Orlando reached a verdict Tuesday in the trial of a security guard, finding the man guilty of the rape and murder of a woman in her own apartment.

Police had said that Stephen Duxbury had killed Sasha Samsudean by strangling her.

According to case records, the murder took place in 2015, after the victim had returned to her apartment after spending a night out.

Authorities said surveillance video had shown Duxbury with the intoxicated woman, and evidence which included DNA evidence placed him at the scene of the crime.

After a trial lasting roughly a week, the jury returned guilty verdicts on the charges of first degree murder, attempted sexual battery, and burglary.

Duxbury was sentenced to life in prison a short time after the verdicts were returned.

The defense contended that the case left many questions unanswered and said that police jumped to conclusions as they pursued the case against Duxbury.

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