Cracking Down on Nursing Homes

In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma and 14 deaths at a nursing home in South Florida, Democrats in the Florida Legislature are pushing for increased regulation of the industry. 

State Senator Gary Farmer of Plantation says what happened at the Hollywood Hills Rehab Center should never be allowed again.

"These are supposed to be special needs and special nursing care facilities, they are not supposed to be  death warehouses," he said. "And, unfortunately, I fear that our elderly have become nothing more than a commodity; and we need to change that."

Farmer says he wants granny cams in patient rooms so relatives can check up on them, more safety training for staff and report cards for nursing homes. 

And he says the medical examiner should investigate any death at a nursing home on a state or federal "watch list" to see if they died of natural causes, or negligence.

Farmer says the deaths in South Florida after Hurricane Irma should be a wake up call for the legislature. 

So far he hasn't found a single Republican willing to sign on to his bill.

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