Battery Burst Startles Airport Travelers

Representatives of the Orlando Police Department and the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority say a loud noise at Orlando International Airport Friday afternoon was no cause for alarm.

There had been concerns from some airport visitors that the noise meant a gun had been fired.

Officials say the loud noise was actually a lithium battery inside a camera. 

The battery had overheated and exploded, according to reports from the GOAA.

Airport officials said in a release that the incident happened inside the main terminal building at Orlando International Airport in front of the security checkpoint to gates 1-59. 

Authorities noted in the release that, in an abundance of caution, passengers inside the terminal were instructed to exit the building while Orlando Police and Orlando International Airport staff investigated. 

It was that investigation which promptly turned up the camera bag, with the smoldering remains of the camera inside.

Investigators say there was never an active shooter and never any shots were fired. 

Authorities report that, while the event startled some of the people waiting at the airport, there were no injuries.

Airport authorities confirmed that, as a result of the incident, a ground stop was issued and a number of flights were held while passengers were allowed back into the building and security checkpoints reactivated.

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