Fish Hooks Found at Dog Park

Authorities in Ormond Beach have issued a warning to dog owners visiting Centennial park with their pets.

The warning is to beware of meatballs with fish hooks placed inside them.

Officials say at least seven fish hooks were found inside nine meatballs at the dog park this week.

According to Volusia County Sheriff's Deputies, in one case it appeared the meatball had been frozen and left to thaw.

One park visitor says her dog ate one of the meatballs, but a quick precautionary trip to the vet revealed that the dog didn't ingest any fish hooks.

Authorities are asking members of the public to be cautious.

This is not the first time that corrupted meat has been found at this park.

Authorities say two years ago they got reports of meat stuffed with pills.

This latest episode takes place as debate is proceeding on a possible expansion of the park.

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