Death Sentence Carried Out

A man convicted and sentenced to die for murdering two people in Hillsborough County more than 20 years ago was put to death by lethal injection Wednesday. 

Florida Governor Rick Scott had signed the death warrant in October for Patrick C. Hannon.

The execution took place at Florida State Prison in Starke. 

Originally set for 6 pm Eastern Time, the execution was delayed while the state waited to hear from the U.S. Supreme Court, which had received a final appeal from Hannon's attorney.

A federal appeals court had already turned back an appeal from Hannon's attorney regarding the unanimity of the jury recommending the death sentence, noting that the Florida Supreme Court had ruled earlier that the need for a unanimous jury applied to cases since 2002.

A jury had unanimously agreed that Hannon be put to death, but there had been questions raised by the defense regarding unanimity on certain findings.

According to court and trial records, Hannon and two other men went to the Cambridge Woods apartment of Brandon Snider and Robert Carter on January 10, 1991. 

One of the other men reportedly stabbed Snider several times when he answered the door. 

Court records indicate that Hannon then cut Snider's throat. 

Robert Carter, who also lived in the apartment, reportedly tried to hide under a bed.

Court records indicate Hannon followed and fatally shot Carter six times. 

Authorities said they believe revenge was the motive for the killings.

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