Senior Group Wants Investigation of Gov

Advocates for seniors are asking the Florida Legislature to investigate the governor's response when a nursing home in South Florida lost power and air conditioning during Hurricane Irma. 

Roughly 14 deaths are believed to have been the result of the power failure and the onset of sweltering conditions at the nursing home in the aftermath of the storm.

Dave Jacobson is a board member at the Florida Alliance for Retired Americans.

"We believe, along with thousands of Floridians, that Governor Scott bears responsibility for the tragic, unnecessary deaths of 14 elderly Floridians," he said.

Jacobson says they want the legislature to find out why Scott did not answer calls from the nursing home in South Florida.

The alliance also submitted a petition with the names of 12 thousand people demanding an investigation of the governor. 

They made a similar request to the State Attorney in Tallahassee and he declined.

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