Gov Proposing $180 Million in Tax Cuts

Governor Rick Scott began a swing through the state this week to discuss his next budget.

Monday, he said his new budget will contain $180 million worth of tax cuts for Florida families. 

Those cuts include a total of four sales tax holidays.

"One for families before they go back to school, ten-day sales tax holiday for parents when they're buying supplies for their children," he said. "And three one-week sales tax holidays to get ready for hurricane season next year."

Those sales tax holidays should save Floridians about $88 million. 

Scott says he also wants to reduce the cost of a driver's license and some traffic citations. 

That would save another $91 million.

Scott's budget is a recommendation to the legislature, which gets the last word on spending.

But it's also an illustration of the governor's priorities, giving lawmakers an idea of where he wants tax dollars to be spent.

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