Fla. Black Caucus Wants White House Apology

Members of the black caucus in the Florida Legislature are demanding an apology from the White House for their treatment of Congresswoman Frederica Wilson. 

But not from Donald Trump. 

Senator Perry Thurston of Fort Lauderdale says Chief of Staff John Kelly is the one who lied about Wilson.

Wilson has been caught in a feud with the White House over remarks Donald trump made to the widow of a serviceman who died in the line of duty in Niger.

Wilson repeated Trump's statement to the widow that her husband "knew what he signed up for," and was attacked by Trump's Chief of Staff. 

Thurston says they expect that from the President... but not John Kelly.

"For a man who takes so much pride in the uniform and all it represents, General Kelley became an empty suit when he tried to defend his boss by disrespecting Congresswoman Wilson," he said.

Thurston says the black caucus doesn't expect much from the president,  but they were hoping the chief of staff would lift him up... not sink to his level.


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