Study: Civil Citations Save Cash and Kids

A new study on juvenile justice in Florida shows the state has saved at least $45 million dollars over the past three years by giving kids a civil citation instead of arresting them for misbehaving. 

Deborrah Brodsky, at Florida State University, says it's good for taxpayers and for kids who avoid the stigma of a criminal record for doing something stupid.

"As a result of civil citation expansion, the state of Florida is safer with the lowest juvenile arrest rate in 40 years," she said.

Sal Nuzzo, with the James Madison Institute, says it costs more to arrest them and they're more likely to re-offend.

"The state of Florida saved anywhere from 46 to 143 million dollars just in issuing citations as opposed to arrests," he said.

Backers of civil citations say the state can save more kids and more cash by expanding the program. 

Its voluntary now and only about half the juveniles who qualify are getting with the program.


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