How Much Is the Life of a Yazidi Girl Worth to an ISIS Fighter? Here Is Her Bill of Sale.

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Sometimes it’s easier to not look, bury your head in the sand and pretend what’s happening on the other side of the world is just another news story. Then you see something like this and the illusion comes crashing down.

The photo below is an actual bill of sale for the purchase of a Yazidi girl from one ISIS fighter to another. And what was this human life worth to them? Apparently $1,500.

Photo courtesy of Mercury One.

Here is the translation:

The Islamic State
Office of the Lawyer
Legal Court of Mosul

Proof of Ownership

It has been the object of the contract of marriage on Tuesday. The ownership for brother About Al Zubair to the captivity Najmah Saaeed Smile, age 20 years. Honey colored eyes, thin and short, and height is 130 cm, dated on the 12th of ___ in the Islamic Year of 1437 [August 16, 2016].

[Finger prints] the original owner Abou Muneem, the buyer, brother About Al Zubair.

I am the notary, and I declare that brother Abou Muneem and his brother About Al Zubair came to me and they agreed before to sell Najmah, sold his ownership to brother Abou Muneem for [AMOUNT OF MONEY = $1,500 USD].

The whole amount of money was received and based on that, the ownership was transferred from brother Abou Muneem to About Al Zubair.

Witnessed by: Abou Taibah and Abou Ezaldeen

[Stamped] by the director of the court [no name]

Thankfully, partners of Mercury One’s Nazarene Fund were able to rescue her from her captors. She is now receiving counseling and lives at home with her family.

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ISIS is more than just the latest Jihadi flavor of the month. The atrocities they have committed are the embodiment of pure evil. Thanks to this audience, millions of dollars have been raised to help rescue people in the path of these monsters and their lives are being rebuilt and restored.

Support Mercury One and their initiatives to provide humanitarian aid and education and to restore the human spirit by donating here. Together, we can make a difference.

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