Death Row Alumnus Executed

Florida successfully executed death row inmate Michael Lambrix Thursday evening.

The execution took place later than scheduled, because of a last-ditch appeal by Lambrix's attorney, who argued to the U.S. Supreme Court that his client should not be put to death because the jury recommendation was not unanimous.

Florida courts had already ruled that the case was too old to be considered under new guidelines that call for all jurors to agree to a death sentence.

Lambrix had been sent to Death Row for the 1983 murders of a couple in Glades County. 

Clarence Moore was killed with a tire iron... Aleisha Bryant was strangled. 

There were no eyewitnesses, no physical evidence, no confession and for 30 years Lambrix had insisted he was innocent. 

He admitted to killing Moore, but said that was self-defense and that Moore was the one who strangled Bryant. 

State and federal courts rejected his claims, setting the stage for his eventual execution.

Lambrix was put to death at the Florida state prison near Starke.


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