Central Fla Lands Smart Transportation Grant

Central Florida will advance several intelligent transportation system technologies aimed at enhancing pedestrian safety and easing congestion, thanks to a nearly $12 million federal grant.

The Federal Highway Administration just awarded $11.9 million to a team of experts from the Florida Department of Transportation, the University of Central Florida, and MetroPlan Orlando to test several smart cities transportation technologies locally and make recommendations, which could lead to national models.

Because Orlando is a rapidly-growing region, as well as one of the world’s busiest tourism destinations, advocates say it offers an ideal place to test out technologies that show promise.

UCF says it will use its research capabilities and existing Smart Cities initiative to advance the project, while leading data collection and analysis efforts. 

In addition to being liaison with state and federal governments, FDOT will ensure the project can be scaled appropriately for other locations and applications and will contribute software development, operations, and data management expertise. 

MetroPlan Orlando will make sure projects meet their intended purposes and will facilitate collaboration among agencies and local governments.

Intelligent transportation systems equipment will be installed on and around UCF’s main campus.

Among technologies to be tested will be a pedestrian and bicycle collision avoidance system, advanced traffic signal technology, and autonomous and connected vehicles.

Plans call for applying the technology into development of Creative Village in Downtown Orlando, where UCF Downtown is under construction, which will open in 2019.


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