Shooter's brother in shock in Orlando

From outside his home in the Waterford Lakes area of Orlando, the brother of Las Vegas massacre suspect Stephen Paddock says he and his 90 year old mother, who lives down the street, are in shock over his brother's actions.

Eric Paddock says it feels like an asteroid has struck his family.

"I thought it was somebody joking," Paddock said. "I mean, if all my cell phones and house phones didn't all light up at the same time with 'Las Vegas PD' on them, I would have thought it was some doppy friend of mine- making a joke."

Authorities say Stephen Paddock took his own life after the massacre. 

Eric Paddock says his brother had no affiliations he believes may have motivated the attack. 

"Once  again, that I know of at all. There is no affiliations- there's no  church, there's no religion, there's no politics, there's no anything."    

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer called his counterpart in Las Vegas  this morning offering any help he could. Until last night, Orlando had  been the scene of the worst mass-shooting in U.S. history.

"We had  never really envisioned what it would take to care for and nurture the  victims and their families and their loved ones, but now we do  understand the magnitude."

Dyer urged the Las Vegas mayor to set  up a family assistance center like the one in Orlando to help meet the  needs of those affected by the shooting in the coming days, weeks and  months.


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