'Bribery Theater' in Tallahassee

A bit of guerrilla theater at the Tallahassee City Commission.

After years of complaining about ethical conflicts at City Hall, Tallahassee businessman Erwin Jackson stunned the mayor and city commissioners at Wednesday night's meeting by placing stacks of 100 dollar bills in front of them and calling it a bribe. 

Mayor Andrew Gillum was not amused.

"A bribe is against the law," he said. "What you just did by throwing us money is against the law."

Jackson responded, "You may know a lot about bribery."

Gillum shot back, "I'm telling you now it's against the law."

Jackson also wore an FBI T-shirt... a reference to the investigation into the allegations of bribery at the Community Redevelopment Agency. 

The stunt didn't cost him anything because Jackson kept the cash.

It all aired live on the city's cable channel.

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