Two Central Florida High Schoolers Questioned after Text Message

Two students at a central Florida high school were questioned by investigators after a text message prompted a four-hour lock-down of the school.

According to incident accounts from the Orange County Sheriff's Office, someone posted a text saying "Shooting at anytime today we are already inside Windermere High School be safe."

Officials said they took the text very seriously and put the school on lock-down. 

Investigators say deputies spent four hours searching the school, and found no weapons.

The investigators say they were able to find and question two students, one of them at school and the other at home.

According to the authorities, it is possible that the students could face misdemeanor charges of disrupting a school function.

Investigators say the lock-down was put into place around noon Thursday, and kept in place until authorities were certain there was no danger, which meant students stayed on campus for roughly two hours after the normal end of the school day.

School officials say parents were notified by a recorded phone message.

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