Nursing Home Summit in Tallahassee

After ten deaths at a nursing home during Hurricane Irma, the industry is circling the wagons and preparing for a government crackdown with a summit meeting in Tallahassee today.

The Florida Health Care association is holding the summit meeting in Tallahassee to talk about what went wrong at a nursing home in Broward County during Hurricane Irma.

A total of ten residents of the nursing home have died so far, after Irma's passage through Florida caused the power to go out and a facility back-up generator to fail. 

It happened at about the same time Governor Rick Scott was telling reporters they were on top of the situation.

"We're talking to all our nursing homes, our ALFs (Assisted Living Facilities), trying to make sure they have the power to take care of their citizens," he said at the time. "So, if there's no other way to get help, call us."

A spokesman for The Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills says that's exactly what they did.

He says they made repeated phone calls to state officials and even left three messages on the governor's voicemail, but never heard back from him. 

Scott has an entirely different take on the situation and his administration is placing full blame on the nursing home.

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