Hurricane Surcharge Is Coming

Florida utilities are adding up the cost of Hurricane Irma so they can pass the bill to their customers in monthly installments.

Most of the power knocked out by Hurricane Irma has been restored and Floridians will pay for those repairs on the installment plan. 

Public Counsel J-R Kelly says power companies have the right to recover storm-related expenses by adding a surcharge to your monthly power bill.

"They are allowed to come in and seek recovery of costs separately from their base rates, and those costs have to be directly a result of damages caused by the named storm Irma," he said.

It will take several months for the power companies to submit damage estimates to the Public Service Commission. 

Customers of Florida Power and Light are already paying a monthly surcharge of roughly $3.36 per 1000 kilowatt-hour, for damages by Hurricane Matthew last year.

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