Select Committee on Irma Created in Florida

In the aftermath of Irma, the Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives has created a select committee to examine what worked and what when wrong when that hurricane slammed into the Sunshine State.

It's called a Select Committee on Hurricane Response and Preparedness. 

House Speaker Richard Corcoran of Land O'Lakes says he wants to figure out how the state can be better prepared for the next Irma that hits ... and he says they can pay for it with money that usually goes for hometown projects.

"We spend a significant portion of money on  what is considered pork projects," he said. "If we just took some of those funds ... you're gonna see us be able to make tremendous indents."

Speaker Corcoran wants the select committee to study issues like hardening the power grid, burying electric lines, improving hurricane shelters and creating a strategic fuel reserve to guarantee a 7 day supply of gasoline is always available.

The committee will also address the nursing home deaths in Broward and whether there should be more protections for residents of adult living facilities.

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