Why SCPS Schools are closed through Friday

For those trying to figure out why we must extend our closure through Friday:

1.) We still have 26 schools without power. Without power, NO school.

2.) There are LOTS of tree limbs, flooded areas and debris blocking sidewalks and travel areas where many students walk or ride their bikes to get to school causing unsafe travel conditions for them.

3.) With traffic lights being out still at many locations across the county, as well as flooding in areas, and tree debris, transporting our students via our School Buses also becomes a hazard.

4.) Some of our schools have downed trees, debris, leaks, etc. that need to be addressed before it's SAFE for students to return.

5.) Food - Without electricity, food in freezers for our students will SPOIL. Even w/ power, we still have to wait for the delivery of FRESH Food to arrive before we can serve our students. There's also issues w/ water and lift stations for flushing toilets in bathrooms that also still have to be addressed, along w/ Boil Water Alerts in some of the county as well.

6.) While you and your neighbors may have power back, there's still approx. 67% of the county still without it! FPL & Duke can't guarantee full restoration until 12 a.m. on Sunday (9/17) at best.

We understand the inconveniences a major Hurricane of this nature causes to a community and we can assure you we are doing everything possible to return to normalcy and get things safe for our students to return to school as quickly as possible. We appreciate everyone's understanding and patience during this difficult time!

Thank you!

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