Nelson Says: Don't Help the Hackers

Florida U.S. Senator Bill Nelson.  
Photo: Rick Flagg 

Florida U.S. Senator Bill Nelson says the president's voter fraud commission could make it easier for "Vladimir" and the Russian hackers to mess with our next election. 

The commission is asking states to submit their voter information so it can compile a national database."Why should the federal government collect every state's information in one place," Nelson asks, "so anybody that wants to go and hack that information, it makes it so easy."And Nelson says there's no way to guarantee the government's systems are secure."And I'm telling you, you think your's is fool proof- somebody is figuring a way to get through and they're constantly having a problem."State elections officials have agreed to send any information that is public record-- but not the driver license or Social Security numbers that were requested. Nothing has actually been submitted yet because of pending legal challenges.


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