Proposed Bill in Florida Would Ban Dogs From Sticking Heads Out Car Windows

We've all gotten a smile in traffic when you see a dog going by with their head out of the car window. Well, should bill SB 932 pass in Florida, that would no longer be legal.

Florida Sen. Lauren Book (D-Broward) filed a new bill intended to protect animals. The bill would also make it illegal for pets to ride on their owner's lap while the car is moving.

It would require dogs to be safely secured in a crate appropriate for the dog's size while in a motor vehicle on a public roadway, be restrained with a safety harness or seat belt, or be under the control of someone aside from the driver if in a car.

Photo: Getty Images

In a Trips With Pets blog post, allowing your pest to put their heads out the window while driving is said to be dangerous because “their eyes are exposed to dirt, rocks, dust, and other debris” which can “easily puncture or scratch your dog’s eyes."

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