Couple steals 4-foot Snoop Dogg bobblehead from Southwest Florida store

Cape Coral, FL - A couple are accused of stealing a 4-foot-tall Snoop Dogg bobble head from a South Florida convenience store.

Police say the couple stole the bobblehead from a Cape Coral Circle K convenience store on Wednesday.

According to police, the couple parked at a gas pump before entering the store.

Authorities say the woman walked up to the counter to distract employees, while the man stole the bobble head.

Police located the bobble head and returned it to the store, however the bobble head is no longer on display.

Both suspects escaped charges. 

Police are continuing to investigate Wednesday’s robbery.

Fort Myers resident Donna Clem tells NBC 2 News “nothing surprises me anymore. There’s a lot of things that we aren’t getting in trouble for anymore.”

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