Fake ASL Interpreter Fumbles Through Irma Briefing

During a televised Hurricane Irma briefing in Manatee County, FL it appeared the ASL interpreter didn't quite have a handle on his task. Many in the deaf community accused him of not being fluent in sign language and making it up as he went along.

It looks like we might have some insight to the real story though. 

One commenter on the YouTube below video said

"Ma'am he was not impersonating an interpreter. I personally know him and he is not an interpreter nor does he claim to be. His brother is Deaf. He works for the county as marine rescue. THE county are the ones who are to blame not this man. For the record his superiors asked him to, and he told them that he was not an interpreter and did not want to, but he was coerced into doing it anyways. Yes, it was a serious mistake, but please direct your outrage appropriately and don't just make assumptions about someone's motives without knowing anything about them please..."

More details are here

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